Domino Sugar factory

Domino Sugar factory:

The Domino Sugar factory in Brooklyn, New York, was the original refinery of the American Sugar Refining Company, that produced Domino brand sugar. t dates from 1882, when it used to be the largest sugar refinery in the world. But in 2000,  the refinery witnessed the longest labor strikes in the history of New York City.

Over 250 workers protested their wages and working conditions for twenty months. As a result, the refinery stopped operating in 2004, after running for 148 years. Situated on an eleven-acre parcel of waterfront in the shadow of the Williamsburg Bridge, the derelict Domino Sugar Refinery remains one of the most recognized monuments of Brooklyn’s rapidly disappearing industrial past. Now, after a decade of false starts, new plans for a modern, mixed use megacomplex may put an end to the decaying colossus that was once the largest refinery in the world 

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